Grand River - Wers

Client: MagmatiQ Records

Born in Holland but living in Milano for a while now, Grand River is a project created by Aimée Portioli, born from the desire to distance traditional song making. Her idea is to bring her voice and played and sampled instruments together in an electronic/techno avant-garde context.

Aimée started working on the project after many years of traditional compositing, the study of several musical instruments and after working as a sound engineer and composer for a national radio station in Italy.

The 15th of November 2014 her first LP was released by MagmatiQ Records.


PTW School:

Artist: Grand River
Release: Wers LP
Out: 15 November 2014
Artwork: Julia Finocchi
Label: MagmatiQ Records
Cat: MGQ #019
Original Photo: Carmen Mitrotta
Mix And Mastering: TapTempo Studio

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