Benvenuto Addio

Client: Federico Frascherelli

The track "Floors and Ceilings" was created as final track for the film "Benvenuto Addio" by Federico Frascherelli.


An unemployed guy lives his days at home between the habit and boredom, forgetting about the outside world. One day the young man called "P" no longer recognizes the place where he lives and this scares him so that he leaves his home and begins a journey to a place - a city that looks new and unknown. A journey that will bring in the lost man to encounter situations and people that are far away.
A story where improbable things meet. A microcosm that becomes macro. 


Ettore Scarpa, Eugenio Allegri, Arianna Scommegna, Alex Cendron, Massimo Marcer, Nina Mad├╣, Ornella Dellavedova e Gabriele Paina.

Technical cast

Production: Carlo Compare e Filippo Broglia
Direction and Photography : Federico Frascherelli
Screenplay : Federico Frascherelli and Elvio Longato
Editing: Alexander Torchiani
Cameras : Alessandro Marti, Daiana Geirola e Stefano Ruffinoni
Foley: Tommaso Quartana, Simone Zuccala e Giulia Irene Paggiarin
Sound design and audio post production : Elena Melcarne, Francesco Gallo and Thomas Barbaro
Song " Floors and Ceilings", mix and mastering: TapTempo Studio

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