Freelancer, violinist, arranger and composer

"The sculpture is already in the block of marble, it just needs to be freed"


Graduated in violin at the Milan Conservatory G. Verdi in the AY 2009/10, Vito has felt the need to produce original music and fit his instrument into areas other than the classical world since his very youth.

The musical instrument is seen as a means to express a creative idea: it serves the song, never with a protagonism end in itself, with the focus towards something that may be new, unexpected, and unconventional.

With the skills that he acquired over time in the technical and composition field (initially self-taught, then with courses of Ableton Live and electronic music at the Conservatory) in 2012 he became very interested in music production.

His idea of music is a combination of something orchestral, electronic and experimental; ranging from ambient to techno, to minimal music and always looking for new solutions to discover.

He has composed music for Legambiente, Etro, Magnolia and City of Milan.

From 2014 Vito started his solo project live, offering a particular performance that mixes live electronics and played violin.

As a violinist-arranger he is also part of the rock/pop/alternative band io?drama since 2004.

The band released three records, obtaining numerous radio (Radio 2, Virgin Radio) and television passages (MTV, Rock TV). The band toured throughout Italy with hundreds of gigs, played at Alcatraz in Milan for three times since 2009 with the result of a more critical and growing audience.

During live gigs, Vito plays the violin, keyboards, synths and he also handles the electronic part of the live performance (Sequences/Loop/Effects).

He has played with numerous projects including Cayne, Aim, Mesmerize, Rumori dal Fondo, La Nuit, and Distinto.

In 2011 he played with the thereminist Lydia Kavina.

In 2014 he played with the historic industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten for the dates of their Italian tour.

He recorded his violin parts for: Chris Brown, Renga, Julio Iglesias Jr., The Voice of Italy, Sandro Mussida, Jacky0, Grand River, and numerous independent projects.

From the AY 2011/12 Vito teaches violin, theory and ensemble music at the Fondazione La Nuova Musica Ricordi Music School.

Since 2014 he has been working for the audio agency TapTempo Studio, for whom he played all the strings and helps in the composition phase.