Freelancer, sound engineer and sound designer

"It's not what you do play loud, but it's how you play loud"


His path in the study of audio begins at the SAE Institute in Milan about 10 years ago, attending the course of Sound Engineering. In fact many years before, at very young age, Matteo shows a strong attraction to the composition and performance of music, in groups and by his self, always putting in the foreground the creation and composition of songs. 

After studying sound engineering he has the opportunity to take part in work experience as a sound engineer and sound designer at some major Italian television companies and he started touring with different artists, without neglecting the study and experimentation of new influences in the field of electronic composition. 
In the early years of "laptop producing" he gets passionate about it and also about digital synthesis hardware synthesizers. 

Thanks to this, he began to prefer a musical trend which is more focused on discovering sounds and create atmospheres with highly researched sounds. 

On the internet he is known by the pseudonym Outemat and Outematmusic is a didactic portal of electronic music he created and organizes daily. He is teacher of the course "Ableton Live & The Computer Music" that he designed and structured, which includes a path that starts with the basics of audio engineering and continues within Ableton Live.  

And it is thanks to one of his classes that meets Aimée, who was his student who came from different DAW but immediately falls in love Ableton Live.

Matteo for TapTempo Studio handles audio digitization and digital audio restoration, but also foley when needed.