Freelancer, sound engineer and composer

""Magenta" is the only primary color that the eye can not detect directly and which is forced to synthesize it to make it clear to the brain"


Alessio realizes he needs the music when his body unconsciously feels the need to keep the beat of anything.

He approaches to digital music thanks to Ernesto Sartori, towards and production and mixing thanks to Luca Sammartin, with whom he collaborated on various projects since they were very little.
One of these projects (ContaineR) is developed through the production of albums that are given from one to another and back again on the occasion of their birthdays.
The approach in these albums, initially without much care for the results, is pushing the limits of the possibilities offered by the digital production, but in parallel they contains a seed of laughter and distinctive nonsense and ever-present in the evolution of these album-challenge (ContaineRgifts), a challenge which is still open. 

In the following years he took drum lessons and later attended the Sound Engineering program of the APM of Saluzzo and is interested in photography.

In recent times he contributes to the technical side and mixing of the Grand River project of Aimée Portioli. He als pruduces some instrumental tracks for rappers and is passionate about vinyl.

He is working on a solo dance music project at the moment.
Attracted by ethnic music and ethnic cuisine, he is seeking correlations between the structural mix of a song, the mix in a pan while cooking and a luminous balance in a photograph to understand how to balance a track, dishes or photography.