Founder, composer, sound designer, singer and voice actress in the english language

"Good taste can not be bought"


Aimée is the other musical half of TapTempo Studio. Her Dutch origin and her precise and direct character are considered qualities of great value by the rest of the group and anyone who knows her. In addition to musical composing and sound designing and bringing up new ideas, she takes care of the relationships with clients and all the bureaucratic loopholes. Before co-founding TapTempo Studio together with Luca she has been working as a sound engineer and composer for a national radio station in Italy called Radio24 and some post-production agencies.

She is half Dutch, half Italian, but living in Berlin and in 2014 she started working on her project called Grand River after many years of traditional compositing, the study of several musical instruments.

Her favorite musical moment is the experimentation and the research of new sounds and rhythms at the beginning of a composition, until that particular moment arise when a sound or a hypnotic or deep melody is really catchy somehow.

Aimée loves collecting vinyls and created the project and record label One Instrument where sound experiments made by different artists are published created by one single instrument.