Founder, composer, musician, sound designer and sound engineer

"Life is short and we need to blow our noses"


When Luca completed his studies in an artistic direction, he starts his professional career in the field of corporate communications and advertising, covering different roles with increasing responsibilities that allow him to hone his innate ability of technical analysis. His real passion, however, has always been music, which in 2013 he started to do professionally.

Today he is a producer, composer, arranger, sound designer and sound engineer. 

When he was years old he began to study the piano, but soon he became more intrigued by recording sounds and their manipulation. 

As a teenager he began to experiment with sample programs and he got really passionate about electronic music.
In 2003, at the age of 18, he won the Diesel-U-Music Award in the category Electronic Music, a national and international music competition organized by Diesel, dedicated to the discovery of new undergrounf talents, playing in the final exhibition at the Alcatraz in Milan under the eyes of the judges Alessio Bertallot and Claudio Coccoluto. 

Then he starts Acidhead, a musical project, with which he plays in several indie clubs in Italy. 
When he ends this experience, Luca returns to another electronic project called Yoop, for which he is now recording the second album studio.
He does not merely limits himself to a genre and he also creates an album with the alt-indie-shoegaze band Gleamer, whose second album is now in pre-production.