"Without music life would be a mistake" (Nietzsche) 

"Music is a higher revelation of wisdom and philosophy.
Music is the ground in which our mind lives, thinks and invents our spirit. " (Beethoven)

our idea about sound

Every day we see colors around us, we hear sounds and perceive scents. 

These stimulations characterize the passing of our time, they define our identity and make us feel emotions.

Among all these expressions, we of TapTempo Studio chose to work with sound.

We define ourselves "modern artisans" because we like to take care of every single artistic, stylistic and technical detail of our projects and we like to do it together with our clients. We are modern because we are well aware of the fact that we are living in a particular period of time, where our needs and those of our clients are highly specific and characterized by a strong technological component.

We evolve in time with our team and with our clients.

With the passing of time, years and centuries, sound and music have become more and more taken for granted to the human being that we are often not aware of its essential and fundamental function.
It is likely that this happened because we were born after the advent of sound film, which made it possibile to not hear the best original soundtrack. This because music is no longer separated from the images and has become the image itself.
We want to separate these two worlds and recognize and give value to music and sound singularly.

Music and sound are important human resources that will always play a vital role for the survival and development of humanity.


Our company consists of an expanded team of professionals. Composers, musicians, musical arrangers, voice talents, technicians, sound engineers and experts in corporate communications. We believe in teamwork and we aim to improve the ability of its members to pursue the goals that the team has given itself.
"To each his own art" it is a saying that we made our own and that reflects the idea of the collective work of TapTempo Studio. We offer a variety of services in the audio and music industry, and to be able to offer the highest quality in all aspects and phases of work we created a team of professionals, each with their own strengths that we always try to value the best we can. The success of the team and teamwork is the result of effective management. Have clear goals that we pursue and we know that great human resources, a good planning and an effective management are the key to the success of a successful project.

We are motivated, determined, capable and responsible people, dreamers and romantics towards sound.

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We offer wide-ranging services in the audio and music environment. 

We like to apply our style and our philosophy and we search for the highest quality constantly. 
Our services can be considered different from a technical point of view, but they are similar at their base. 
We like to work as a team and every service we offer is intended for a different member of our team, enhancing in this way the strengths of each member.

We offer more creative services such as music composition, sound design and music production and other services that are more technical as audio post-production, mixing and mastering, audio digitization and vocal recordings, dubbing and voice over. 

We like to apply our creativity even if the job requires a scientific and technical knowledge. 

We mainly work for the advertising, music, film and gaming industry.

We are officially active in Milan and Vicenza since 2013.

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