Music from our store Music Bundles

Those who work in the creative sector are well aware that timing can often be a huge problem.
For this reason, we wanted to create a meeting point between the urgent need for music and the freedom of expression from our side. As we are avid composers and we often find ourselves to compose freely, even without the request of a client, this gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from the stakes imposed and to give free outburst to our creativity and the flow of sound that we want to express at that particular moment.

The music of our library is quality music which is primarily created for ourselves, without haste and towards the love we have for music. We do not identify ourselves with the many royalty free libraries present on the web that are huge containers of material posted by users around the world without a valid criterion for artistic selection.

In our TapTempo Studio Library you can also find compositions of our collaborators who closely work with us. If you would like to submit your material to our judgment, feel free to write to