IDC China Enterprise Mobility Management software market research

NationSky ranks top in the “Leaders” quadrant


Recently, the world’s leading IT research and consulting firm IDC released “China’s enterprise mobility management software market insight, 2016”. NationSky has entered the leaders quadrant and become the most competitive manufacturers by beating the domestic and international manufacturers with its strong product competitiveness, rich customer base, leading market share and the industry’s most complete mobile Ecological circle.


Competitiveness and growth are the two dimensions IDC used to measure the manufacturers. Competitiveness mainly assesses manufacturers’ participation in the current market, product competitiveness, the number of customers, market share, and customer development capacity. Growth focuses on the evaluation of the potential of vendors, including R&D investment scale, advanced technology and products, manufacturers’ innovation, qualification and IT service capabilities etc.

The Leaders Quadrant is the highest quadrant in IDC’s “China EMM Market Maker Competitive Analysis Map”. Manufacturers entering the quadrant are leading the way in terms of product capabilities, product competitiveness, market share, and customer satisfaction.

According to IDC’s definition, Enterprise Mobility Management EMM includes six functional modules, which are mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, mobile user management, enterprise application store and statistical analysis functions to provide enterprises with comprehensive mobile security.

As the forerunner and leader of China’s enterprise security mobile market, NationSky has always been at the forefront of the industry. Its profound understanding of the demand of Chinese enterprises and development trends enables the introduction of the mobile identity management services and security access components in NQSky EMM 4.0 released in April 2016. NationSky has the capacity to provide end-to-end security solutions from terminals, applications, and content to secure access, identity management and enterprise e-mails.

NQSky EMM not only subversively innovated the mobile management platform architecture and functionality, but also committed to building enterprise mobile information platform. Through the NationSky + Partner Program, NationSky has built the most comprehensive enterprise mobile ecological platform for enterprises to provide a one-stop enterprise mobility solution.

The access to IDC “China EMM market competition analysis map” leader quadrant, and ranking the first in the competitive dimension, are the market’s recognition to NationSky’s years of focus and innovation. NationSky will always follow up the latest technology to lead the development trend of enterprise mobility. Besides, NationSky will take advantage of advanced mobile digital technology to help government to improve service capabilities and bring benefits to enterprises business transformation and upgrade.