hello, we are an audio production agency


H.M.M. (Human Made Minerals)
One Instrument
One Instrument
Undercolors of Benetton - Winter 2015 Collection
A Collection Of Us
Director Kobayashi / Indiana Production
Solo Per Il Weekend
Honda International
SH 125 Mode
Diesel Reboot
Global Game Jam 2015
WE-I videogioco

TapTempo Studio is a Sound Agency

We compose and create sounds paying attention to every single artistic, stylistic and technical detail of our projects, and we like to do it with our clients' participation.
We define ourselves as "modern artisans" of sound.

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Original music composition

We define ourselves sound artisans.
The musical genre or used musical instrument is not relevant. For us, Music is emotion.

Sound design

Without sound design, the majority of videos, animations and films would loose its intensity and magic.

Music productions

Intending music both as a means of communication and as an art form makes us producers that are very careful and dedicated towards new trends and quality.

Sound branding

Sound is also a strategic means of communication. 

Dubbing and voice-over

Sound is important, but when you want to communicate a message, words are also fundamental.

Post, mix and mastering

We offer audio post-production services, mix and mastering for the music, movie and advertising industry.