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MagmatiQ Records
Grand River - Wers

Global Game Jam 2015

Honda International

Destini Incrociati Hotel

Federico Frascherelli

Better Silver
Roma 1947
Terra Tech
Edible Garden

our idea about sound

Every day we see colors around us, we hear sounds and perceive scents. 
These stimulations characterize the passing of our time, they define our identity and make us feel emotions. 

Among all these expressions, we of TapTempo Studio chose to work with sound. 

We define ourselves "modern artisans" because we like to take care of every single artistic, stylistic and technical detail of our projects and we like to do it together with our clients. We are modern because we are well aware of the fact that we are living in a particular period of time, where our needs and those of our clients are highly specific and characterized by a strong technological component. 

Music and sound are important human resources that will always play a vital role for the survival and development of humanity.

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some of our services

Original music composition

We define ourselves sound artisans.
The musical genre or used musical instrument is not relevant. For us, Music is emotion. We seek a continues and constructive dialogue with our clients in order to perfectly understand their comunicative needs and to provoke emotions with music. 

Sound design

Without sound design, the majority of videos, animations and films would loose its intensity and magic.
We realize and select experimental, digital acoustic and realistic sound design and we record foley sounds Realizziamo e selezioniamo suoni di sound design sperimentali e digitali, acustici e realistici, e registriamo foley e suoni ambientali according to specific needs.

Music productions

Intending music both as a means of communication and as an art form makes us producers that are very careful and dedicated towards new trends and quality. TapTempo Studio bases its philosophy on experimentation and on the strength of tradition. This is why we range with ease from rock to folk and from electronic to experimental music.

Sound branding

Sound is also a strategic means of communication. 
The most important sound element to communicate the identity of a brand is the audio-logo and its creation process is lay down in detail and runs alongside with the client, to perfectly capture the soul of the brand and transform its values in a sound of only a few seconds.

Dubbing and voice-over

Sound is important, but when you want to communicate a message, words are also fundamental. 
We work with different actors, voice talents and professional dubbers of all nationalities and we select them carefully according to our clients' needs.

Post, mix and mastering

We offer audio post-production services, mix and mastering for the music, movie and advertising industry.

"Music Bundles On The Go " is our online shop where we sell music with non-exclusive licenses. We offer different services, many of which are specifically designed for videomakers who need music content quickly and flexibly.

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